Our Team

At Cheka Sana, we come to work every day because we won’t stop until we create a just and fair world for street children

Founder and Head of Foundation

Our Head of the Foundation and Country Director’s Team are responsible for shaping our goals and ensuring we achieve them. The members of the senior management team are accountable to CSF’s Head of the Foundation who is in turn accountable to the Board of Trustees via the Chair.

Mutani Yangwe

Mutani is the Founder and the Head of the Foundation where is responsible for the organisation’s strategy, international philanthropic portfolio and fundraising. Mutani a former secondary school teacher, has been the driving forces behind Cheka Sana growth right from the very beginning. 

Mutani has over 14 years’ experience working with local and international NGOs, major institutional funders, trusts and foundations in international development in Africa and in the UK including DFID, Comic Relief, Terres des Hommes, BT Sports – The Supporters Club.

He has impeccable track record of successful delivery of full lifecycle transformation including children’s rights, sports, WASH, livelihood and educations projects. Proven abilities in all elements of fundraising, programme management, organisation and communication skills utilising strong leadership skills to drive forward and deliver solutions.

Director, Cheka Sana Uganda

Anslem Wandega

Anslem joined Cheka Sana Foundation as a volunteer in June 2019, when Mutani Yangwe asked him to help set up Cheka Sana Foundation Uganda. Since, Anslem has been working as a Director of Cheka Sana Uganda (as a volunteer), leading a team of 5 volunteers.

Director, Cheka Sana Tanzania

Malembo Makene,

Joined Cheka Sana Tanzania in October 2020, Malembo Makene has a vast knowledge and experience in programme and project management, with over 19 years’ experience working with local and international organizations, in development and humanitarian in Tanzania. Makene, have created an impeccable track record of successful delivery of full lifecycle transformation.

Cheka Sana UK Board of Trustees

Cheka Sana is governed by our Board of Trustees. The Board meets regularly and is responsible for setting our strategic direction, as well as for our overall governance and overseeing our management. New trustees are chosen in consultation with the full Board, making sure that, collectively, the Board has the skills and experience needed to enable us to operate effectively. Meet the board and find out what motivates them to volunteer for us.

Dr Simon Obendorf

Dr Simon was born in Melbourne, Australia and currently teaches politics and international relations at the University of Lincoln. In addition to degrees in both law and in political science, he holds a PhD in international relations from the University of Melbourne. Simon’s academic work explores the ongoing impact of Western colonialism and imperialism in non-Western societies, in areas such as politics, society, gender, sexuality and development.

Simon brings to the Cheka Sana Foundation a critical focus on working in partnership with those affected by poverty, disempowerment and structures of inequality, to learning from and valuing local and indigenous experiences, knowledge systems and life-worlds, and to decolonising the development process. Of additional relevance to the Foundation is Simon’s expertise in the field of gender and sexuality rights, the empowerment of women and girls and the politics of sexual and reproductive health. Simon has taught at institutions in Australia, Singapore and the United Kingdom. He holds the citizenship of both the United Kingdom and Australia.

Our UK Volunteers

We’ve developed a supportive, collaborative environment, whereby everyone involved, including staff and volunteers, are empowered to share their expertise and inspired to develop their skills to improve street children’s lives.

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