Director, Cheka Sana Tanzania

Malembo Makene

Joined Cheka Sana Tanzania in October 2020, Malembo Makene has a vast knowledge and experience in programme and project management, with over 19 years’ experience working with local and international organizations, in development and humanitarian in Tanzania. Makene, have created an impeccable track record of successful delivery of full lifecycle transformation including working and supporting poor marginalized groups of people such as people with mental illness, Most Vulnerable Children, youth and adolescents.

He spent the last 19 years as a Programme Coordinator, Country Programme Manager and Executive Director for local and International organization at different times. His working experience has enabled him to overseeing and managing small and larger scale program focused on community based health, education, nutrition, HIV/AIDS and sustainable livelihood projects with a combine budget of over $5M.    

Makene specialized in Health, Development and Project management studies. He have a diploma in mental health care, Advanced Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy. He also holding a Post Graduate Diploma in Development studies, and currently studying a Masters degree in Project Management at the Open University of Tanzania (OUT).