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We believe in a world where no child ever has to live on the streets.

Johari’s Story

Leticia’s Story

Leticia aged 14, is now living at the Cheka Sana Street Girls centre in Mwanza, Tanzania. Prior to this, she spent about 3 years on the streets.

Her life on the streets was marked by extreme brutality and violence. She was raped by older street boys and coerced by older men looking for sex workers.

Badly beaten by the police for having stolen a phone, she also experienced beatings at home from her stepmother. However, she is from a large, blended family, so integration is a real option for Leticia.

Leticia and Johari’s stories encapsulate the factors pivotal to finding solutions for street children in Tanzania

Cheka Sana provide support to children, like Johari and Leticia, who have been forced from their homes/families. We work to ensure they have access to the support they need and are free from violence, conflict, coercion, persecution and trafficking.

We provide safe, secure and decent temporary shelter for street children, meeting their basic needs as well as recognising their fundamental rights.

How your donations will help


Could provide ten street children like Leticia and Johari with three meals a day, for a week, at a residential centre.


Could provide a girl like Johari or Letica with a dignity kit, containing soap, underwear and reusable sanitary towels. This will enable her to manage her menstrual cycle safely and with dignity and help ensure she does not miss out on her education.


Could provide a means to reintegrate a child like Johari or Letica to a safe family and prove them with a food relief package to last a month. This helps ensure that the family does not go hungry and that the children do not return  to the streets, or go to school with an empty stomach.

How can you help?

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