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You could help provide children with the life-changing essentials they need to thrive, or ensure families and communities are equipped to deal with issues facing street-conneted children.

You can sign up by giving as much or as little as you can each month to help fund amazing projects in East Africa.

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Where your donation goes

Cheka Sana raises money to support children living incredibly tough lives. Through humour and stories of hope, we’ve shown that people like you can make a massive difference. We work with amazing partner organisations directly on the ground to support the most vulnerable children and families in society.

Our focus has been always the children who are living alone and at risk on the streets in Tanzania and Uganda.  Including youth and young people living in extreme poverty, women and families at risk of domestic abuse and those struggling with existing or new mental health problems.

How we use your donations

For every £1/€1 donated, 87% (87p/87c) is used to fund our life-changing activities helping by supporting children who are living incredibly tough lives in Tanzania and Uganda.

So, what percentage of donations go to charity?

The remaining 13% (13p/13c) is used to generate funds so that we can continue to transform the lives of most vulnerable children on the planet for years to come.

Anastasia’s Story

Anastasia has been on and off the street for many years – returning home, only to be harshly beaten by her father. Her father has 8 children with four women, so the domestic situation is complex for her.

As with our other girls, street life was hard. She too was violently raped, having been coerced with promise of food. Thankfully for her, this was a one off event that she was able to avoid in future.

Together, we can help a street child like Anastasia to become who she wants to be

With your donation, we support our partners who do brilliant, innovative and impactful work that really makes a difference.