We listen, we learn, we partner for change

We use theory of change and data we collect to improve and transform street children’s lives       

Our mission

Our mission is to enable and create positive, sustainable change in the lives of children living alone and at risk on the streets in East Africa’s Great Lake Zone (Mwanza, Tanzania and Kampala, Uganda). By meeting the immediate needs of children living or working on the streets recognising the power and potential of every single child.

Our vision

Our vision is embodied in three interwoven “Stage Change Process”:

  • Protect children on the streets
  • Shifting local perception
  • Holding governments responsible

Our Values

What makes us unique?

We are an African based charity that has developed a supportive, collaborative environment, whereby everyone involved, including staff and volunteers, are empowered to share their expertise and inspired to develop their skills to improve street children’s lives.


We are small but one team with staff and volunteers working collaboratively, learning and developing together and accountable to one another.


We respect and admire the vital contribution of every staff and volunteers make in every area of our work. We could not accomplish what we do without them.


We empower our staff and volunteers to lead, to deliver on current projects, to develop new ideas and so we can successfully implement new ways of working.


We trust our staff and volunteers to use their skills, experience and expertise to their full potential, to inform and develop what we do and to organise and deliver activities that further our aims.


We champion transparency, honesty and good communication in everything we do, ensuring volunteers see the difference we make together to street children’s lives.

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