Corporates & Foundations

The philanthropy specialists will aim to meet your individual needs, and thank you for your generosity in the best way possible for you, your friends and family.

Once you partner with us, your business can achieve something amazing: to help protect children who are living alone on the streets and at risk.

Our partnership with the private sector are based on trust, collaboration and impact.

We’ll work with you to deliver sustainable change for most vulnerable children on the planet, while helping you to engage staff, boost customer trust and reach new audiences.

Why work with us?

Our programme cycle is: innovate, replicate and advocate. So we’re constantly looking at ways to improve our reach. We work with local communities to develop new and exciting ways of reaching more street-connected children – then we expand successful programmes across East Africa.

We lobby for children

At the same time, we talk with and lobby governments and international organisations, to advocate for lasting change for the poorest communities in East Africa.

We’re Ambitious

We set ourselves stretching targets so we’re driven

What should we expect from you!

Your partnership can help one child take the first step towards leaving the streets for good. No child should have to live on the street. Enhance your company’s profile with a rewarding corporate partnership

We take pride in offering a unique partnership that can be tailored to meet the needs of your company, its people and your business aims.

What to expect from us

To find out more about starting a corporate partnership, contact:

Phillip Springford
Head of Partnerships & Philanthropy (Volunteer)

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 01522 405 243