Street Born

Cheka Sana’s ‘Street Born Project’ works with girls and young mothers who are involved in sexual exploitation and/or who are living on the street

We help with facilitating the provision of medical care to these girls and their babies, focusing on pre- and post-natal medical care.

Our main approach of working with these girls is through the formation of association groups.

We facilitate sessions to the groups which include life skills, baby care and parenting skills, health care, hygiene and reproductive health, in addition to vocational training and business skills. The girls run these groups themselves and they decide together what productive activity they want to carry out as a group that will help them to achieve economic sustainability.

We provide street young mother with livelihood support, training and a start-up business grant, including training enabling them to financially recover from the lives of the streets and afford the costs of living and sending their children back to school.

We provide youth street girls/mothers with a dignity kit containing soap, underwear and reusable sanitary towels, enabling them to manage their period safely and with dignity and to ensure they don’t miss out any training or education.

Why we campaign for street young mothers

About 1940

Street children and young people are tragically living and working on the streets of Mwanza City, Tanzania


Girls are street-involved youth/sex workers


Girls street-involved youth/sex workers are below 18 years an increase of 229% since 2014.

About 5,000

Of children live on the streets in Kampala City, Uganda aged from seven up to the age of 17

What are we doing to help?

How can you help?

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