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Cheka Sana is finding new ways to help thousands of children living alone on the streets and at risk in East Africa

We on work on the ground – as well as campaigning for lasting change – to help children and young street mothers to escape the extreme poverty.

Why we campaign for
street children’s rights

How your donations help


Could provide ten street children in Tanzania three meals a day for a week at a residential centre.


Could provide a street girl with a dignity kit containing soap, underwear and reusable sanitary towels, enabling her to manage her period safely and with dignity and to ensure she does not miss out on her education.


Could provide a family of five of reunited child with a food relief package to last a month, ensuring the family do not go hungry and that the children do not return  to the streets or go to school with an empty stomach.


Could provide street young mother with livelihood support, training and a start-up business grant, including training enabling them to financially recover from the lives of the streets and afford the costs of living and sending their children back to school.

Together we can help build a
brighter future for every child

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If you believe that no child should have to live on the streets alone and that all children should grow up feeling loved with a sense of belonging, then please donate and support our work.