Sleep Out Challenge for Street Children in East Africa

Any night from June – August 2021

Be in their shoes 2021

We want you and/or your family to sleep rough for a day or week for Cheka Sana Foundation showing your support for street children as young as 4 years old who are sleeping alone on the streets and at risk in Tanzania and Uganda

Register for free and raise £100 by taking part in our Sleep Out Challenge for a day or a week. You will be raising vital funds for Cheka Sana, which will enable us to provide a safe place for children to sleep, provide food, support their education, provide mental health therapy, and family reunification

So, grab your mother, dad, sister, brother, partner or your sleeping bag. You can team up with anyone you fancy or sleep solo if you like. But join us for Sleep-Out Weekend Challenge 2021!


Teaching resources and support street children boys and girls who are living or sleeping alone on the streets and at risk in Tanzania and Uganda.

To support your fundraising and inspire your students to support Cheka Sana’s work with street children, we have developed some teaching resources that will help teachers effectively bring the topic of issue facing street children into your classroom.

Cheka Sana’s street children teaching resources are a great way to encourage students to engage with children’s right issues by reflecting on their own identities and relating this to other children boys and girls around the world

Begging to Eat

Every day thousands of children, boys and girls, in East Africa, have no choice but to spend their time on the streets begging to eat or feed their families. For these children, education is not a priority for them anymore.

Their daily routine deprives them a chance to go to school, sit in a classroom and have an education. They are trapped in a cycle of poverty in a community and abuse on the streets.

The money you raise can help to provide a safe place for a street child to call home. No child never has to live on the streets or spend their days begging for food or water. Together we can one street child to plan for a better future.

The difference you make

Projects run by the money we’ve raised for the year 2020 has achieved the followings in Mwanza, Tanzana:

  • A total of 40 street children (girls 25 and boys 15) have been reunified with their families, relatives or carers. About 37 children remained homes after being reunified, we can now say they have a safe place to call home.
  • We provided a temporary home to 49 street children, including 21 girls and 28 boys out of 90 children planned for 2020.
  • We reached and supported a total of 245 street children and their siblings who were in need of help. We provided educational support materials (such as a uniform, shoes, books, sanitary towels, and helped to find a place in schools.
  • About 8 children (5 girls and 3 boys) completed their primary school and successfully passed their final National Examinations. In 2021 January they will expected to start secondary school.
  • A total of 16 families who were in need were supported by being provided with food, education for their children and other essential need. These were necessary measures to prevent the children going into the streets
  • About 17 families received VSLA training, while 12 families were provided with start-up grants after successifully completed our VSLA training.
  • A total of 10 children out of 30 planned target from temporary shelter were reunified with families and one child was adopted.

To find out more about taking part in our community events or doing your own event, contact:

Rosie Cowperthwaite
Manager, Community Events & Individual Giving (Volunteer)


Phone: 0300 102 1533