Fadhil’s Story

Fourteen-year-old Fadhil is full of life. He has great ambitions. He recently joined the secondary school after having a great a result in the primary school of passing his national examination with an average score of “A”. But three years ago, Fadhil faced a barrage of challenges.

Fadhil [real name used with permission] lived happily at home with his mother, father and three other siblings. He was the youngest in the family. However, things started to go wrong when his father married another woman and left the family home. As a result, Fadhil’s eldest brother Juma took on his father’s responsibilities and became the household head. This was a lot of responsibility for his brother. He found it hard as he was too young to take care of the family properly. His brother started to become very harsh to Fadhil, and his other siblings began beating Fadhil. As a result of this, Fadhil ran away and ended up living on the streets of Mwanza, a dangerous place. Fadhil survived on the streets for one month, until Cheka Sana’s street worker staff rescued him during an outreach programme. The team