Miss Serena Kelly

Serena Kelly first became involved with the charity in 2009 when she spent 3 months volunteering in Tanzania. She made contact with local authorities, set up first aid training and worked with a local hospital to set up sex education lessons. She was also a mentor and teacher to the children, many of whom she is still in contact with today.

On her return from Tanzania, determined to learn more about nutrition an area she has a keen interest in, Serena attended St Mary’s University where she obtained a BSC in Nutrition.  During her studies Serena worked as a Youth Worker for Slough Borough Council, working on a youth bus where she engaged with many teenagers across the borough, using the mentoring skills she gained in Tanzania.    

Post-graduation Serena has worked for More life,  a charity to help educate children and families with better nutrition which entailed presenting to schools and holding weekend sessions with families.  She has also volunteered for Diabetes UK, where she promoted in several different environments the benefits of the charity and talks in her local area educating in topics such as food labelling and fad diets.

Born and raised in Berkshire, Serena currently volunteers for the Windsor Street Angels Charity, which patrols the streets on Friday and Saturday evenings, helping anyone who may be vulnerable and in need of support.

She has also volunteered for the charity SWIPE (Slough West Indian Peoples Enterprise) acting as chaperone to take youths on a trip to the Liverpool museum of Slavery, to learn about African-Irish Heritage. A keen traveller,  Serena enjoys exploring new places and cultures. She also enjoys amateur dramatics and has attended acting courses at Pinewood Studios.  Short films she has written have been shown at the Slough film festival and at the Fire Station, Windsor.  Other hobbies she enjoys are running, yoga and she is a self-confessed history geek.