Supporters Charter

Cheka Sana Foundation sees a world where all children are safe in school and learning.

a)   Cheka Sana Foundation Supporter Charter

1.1.1     Introduction

Founded in 2007 in Mwanza, Tanzania. Cheka Sana Foundation’s strength lies in the fact that we are a charity who stand up for children living alone and at risk on the streets. Central to everything we believe is the principle that people are the instruments of change. We value and respect the supporters engaged in our work, and we strive to give them the best experience we can, so that can together we can do more to promote and protect the lives of children living alone and at risk on the streets.

1.1.2     The purpose of the charter

This supporter charter sets out six fundraising principles which we use to guide Cheka Sana Foundation’s fundraising policy, strategy and the behaviour of our fundraisers and partner agencies. It forms our commitment to our supporters:

1.1.3     Our fundraising respects and protects our independence, impartiality and mission

  1. Cheka Sana Foundation (CSF) is impartial and independent of any government, political ideology, company or religious belief, and our fundraising activity respects and protects that. Our primary source of funds for street children work is and will remain, donations from individuals.
  • We raise funds in accordance with our fundraising policy and principles. We will not solicit or accept gifts from individuals, governments or organisations that might use their funding relationship with Cheka Sana Foundation to deflect criticism from their own involvement in child rights abuses, or with whom association would risk our reputation. If we turn down a gift or offer of support, we will explain why.
  • We will ensure that projects for which we raise funds reflect our mission and priorities and that neither the funding opportunities we pursue nor the requirements of funders, will deflect us from our strategic objectives.
  • We will not allow any funding relationship with a government or organisation to constrain us from criticising that body or from exposing any child rights violations for which it may be responsible. We accept donations from governments only for projects to educate people and communities about street children’s rights and children’s immediate needs on the streets.

1.1.4     We fundraise with integrity.

  1. We are honest and behave with integrity in all our fundraising, ensuring we comply with our fundraising policy, and that this complies with UK regulation and legislation.
  • When we tell the stories of street children whose rights are being violated, our primary concern is to respect the individual or community’s wishes, dignity, and security.
  • Our trustees, staff, volunteers and suppliers raise funds in accordance with our fundraising policy and principles, and we monitor our fundraising activities to check this. If we get things wrong, we will be open about our mistakes and take swift action to fix them.

1.1.5     We work in partnership with those who support us.

  • We are a movement of people and are at our most powerful when we stand together for street children.
  • Our supporters enable our work with street children, and we value and respect them for their contributions and the positive change they make children living alone and at risk on the streets.
  • We put our supporters’ donations to work as quickly as we can and do this wisely and responsibly.

1.1.6     We value and respect our supporters

  1. Street children belong to everyone, and we believe everyone has a role to play in protecting them. Cheka Sana Foundation (CSF) is made stronger by the diversity of those who engage with us.
  • Although our supporters may share our values, we recognise that they may not agree with everything we say or do – for street children or in raising funds. We respond to questions and feedback from supporters promptly and fully consider the points of view expressed.
  • We offer many ways to support the Cheka Sana Foundation (CSF) and value each gift made and pound raised.
  • We treat people equally and fairly. We have a clear procedure in place for how we engage with supporters who may be in vulnerable circumstances.
  • We respect our supporters’ privacy and right to decide how and if Cheka Sana Foundation (CSF) contacts them. We make it easy for supporters to choose how they want to hear from us, and if they ask us not to contact them, we won’t, unless it is a legal or administrative requirement.
  • Our fundraising activity is carried out in accordance with our data protection policy and procedures. We will never sell our supporters’ data or share it outside of Cheka Sana Foundation (CSF).

1.1.7     We fundraise with courage

  1. We aim to inspire people to provide relief to children and young people in conditions of need, hardship or distress, and those living on the streets by supporting Cheka Sana Foundation (CSF). We share honest, powerful stories with emotional impact, to bring their stories to life and show the terrible cost of street children abuses.
  • Our fundraising needs to adapt to changes in the external world. We review our fundraising activity and constantly seek to improve it. We look for new opportunities to raise funds for street children, where these comply with our fundraising policy and principles.

1.1.8     We are transparent in our fundraising and use of funds

  1. We are accountable to our supporters; whose generosity enables our work with children living alone and at risk on the streets.
  • We keep our supporters updated on how we have used their gifts and the impact of their support.
  • We communicate our fundraising costs and strive to be as cost-effective as possible to achieve street children’s biggest impact.
  • We recognise and respect that when we invest in a fundraising activity, we do so with funds donated to us for the protection of street children. Any investment in fundraising must offer the potential to raise additional funds for street children.


  • We recognise that although our supporters may share our values, they may not agree with everything we say or do – for street children or in raising funds. In accordance with our Feedback Policy, we promptly respond to questions and feedback from supporters and consider fully the points of view expressed.
  • We will acknowledge a complaint about any aspect of our fundraising within five working days and aim to resolve complaints within ten working days of receipt.
  • If the complainant remains dissatisfied, their complaint will be referred to our Feedback Oversight Panel. If this does not resolve the issue, the complainant may complain to the Fundraising Regulator.
  • To make a complaint about Cheka Sana Foundation’s (CSF) fundraising activity, please contact us on the details below:

Write:              Cheka Sana Foundation (CSF)

                                    Supporters Communication Team

                                    8 Capito Drive,

                                    North Hykeham


                                    LN6 9FZ

Phone:            +44 (0) 1522 691789 (Monday to Friday – from 9am to 6pm)

Text phone:     +44 (0) 7593 791789



For more information about giving feedback to Cheka Sana Foundation (CSF), please refer to our Feedback Policy, available on our website.

3. What is the assurance procedure for this policy?

  • We have clear governance and management controls in place for us to deliver transparent, ethical and responsible fundraising. Our Head of Foundation reports regularly to the trustees of Cheka Sana Foundation (CSF).
  • Our Board of Trustees receive annual assurance that our fundraising programme is conducted in accordance with this Fundraising Policy. We use the framework set out in the Charity Commission’s guidance for trustees, Charity fundraising: a guide to trustee duties (CC20), to do this.

4. Who is responsible for this policy?

  • Cheka Sana Foundation’s Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for compliance with this policy, with Cheka Sana Foundation’s Head of Foundation support.
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