A year like no other

As 2020 comes to an end, we look back at the ways you’ve supported children and young people through an unimaginable year

2020 has changed all our lives. Looking back, it’s hard to reconcile the world we were living in before March 2020 to the one we find ourselves in now. For a new and younger charity like ours, the challenges have been so immense – but throughout it all, our amazing supporters like you have been behind us every step of the way.

Whether you’ve volunteered, made a donation, supported a campaign, joined our (virtual) events team, been part of our sponsor community or worked with us as a partner: I say, thank you very much.

Over the last 12 months, you’ve shown your unwavering commitment to our causes and continued to stand with street children and young people in Tanzania and Uganda as they fight for equal rights, despite even greater obstacles caused by poverty, family breakdown, lack of protection and the pandemic.

That is why I am writing to you today as we look ahead in the year 2021, also knowing that the pandemic has not gone away. Truly, the state of street children in the countries that we are working in have not changed. They’re now struggling more than ever before. I have this video message to share with you: Children in Street Situations

This is the reminder that we will need you more than ever as mobilise vital funds to support and protect the most vulnerable children and young people on the planet.

Last year, you stood up and made a commitment to help and support our initiatives. Will you take that stand again this year? Good people just like you are helping to provide the food, shelter, medical, education, protection and other necessities that will help hundreds of street-connected children and their families make it through the year 2021 and beyond.

As a charity we have adapted four of our programmes to integrate the response to the pandemic including: A Safe Place to Call Home, Street Born, Improving Street Children’s Mental Health and keeping them active and off the street through sports (Street Children Sports Academy).

As the need spikes, the donations from year-end giving will be running out. You can help us reverse this trend and end our fiscal year strong, prepared to face whatever lies ahead. Your continued support will be vital to enable us to continue to protect children during the pandemic and transform lives of street connected children in Tanzania and Uganda.

In January 2021, we will be launching our new website. I welcome you to visit the site and join us this year with a special six-month commitment that will go a long way in helping street children and young people get through this trying time.  You can join our Community of Monthly Givers today and pledge to do the same in July up to the end of the year or make a single gift that stretches across to the summer. Better yet, sign up for monthly giving and make a difference all year long!

One more thing! There is an opportunity to become a Community Fundraising & Events Volunteer Coordinator in your area. Whether through your work, school, university, place of worship, family member or individually, there are lots of ways you can fundraise. We have few things set up for you to get started and can offer you lots of support and resources. Please visit: www.chekasanafoundation.org.uk/get-involved page which is coming soon!

The pandemic, hunger, health, and hardships do not take a year break. With your help, we can ensure that hope for the street children and young people and their families will not either.

Thank you very much

Happy New Year to you

Mutani Yangwe

Founder & Head of Cheka Sana Foundation