Trustees Report & Financial Statement Year 2021/22

Cheka Sana Annual Report

A Heartfelt Message from the Founder / Head of Cheka Sana Foundation

In the face of adversity, do we choose the safety of the familiar or do we dare to intensify our endeavors for growth? At Cheka Sana Foundation, inspired by the unyielding dedication of our frontline staff in Tanzania and Uganda, we chose the latter, delving deeper and reaching further in our mission to transform lives.

In Uganda, we beam with pride as we witness the blossoming implementation of Cheka Sana’s Street Born initiative, admirably led by Anslem. Meanwhile, in Tanzania, our indomitable team, led by Malembo, has pioneered efforts to bring hope and provide counseling to street-connected young mothers through various initiatives, such as Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSALs), the provision of Start-up and Dignity Kits, and offering safe defense training.

We’ve been profoundly inspired by the resilience displayed by our frontline staff and beneficiaries in both countries during these tumultuous times.

Our collaboration, engagement, and mentorship support from Allen & Overy LLP, as well as from Paul Flanagan and Andrew Quayle, have been instrumental in sustaining Street Born and providing an unrestricted fund. This financial support has empowered our partners to maintain salary distributions, nourish the children, and facilitate the continuous operation of the organization across Tanzania, Uganda, and the UK.

This funding has enabled our frontline professionals to showcase their innovative approaches and insightful strategies, propelling Street Born beyond the confines of financial limitations. It is with a grateful heart that we share how this partnership has fostered our progress, even as we have meticulously managed non-program costs.

In the midst of the pandemic, war, and economic instability – burdens that we disproportionately shoulder – our commitment to seeing Cheka Sana thrive remains unwavering. We find inspiration in the stories of children and families, like Janeth and Namazi, fueling our determination to press forward.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to each one of you, who stand as a nourishing root, supporting this pivotal work. Your involvement is not merely aid; it is a beacon of hope to those we serve, and for that, we are endlessly thankful.

Warm Regards,

Mutani Yangwe
Founder & Head of Cheka Sana Foundation